Dear Anne Frank Thanks for Writing

Anne Frank photo

Annelies Marie “Anne” Frank was a German-Dutch diarist of Jewish origin.

Today I watched that dairy by the means of the Hollywood Film. Whenever I stumble upon things like these I feel the pain. And yes sometimes sympathy turned into empathy indicating tears or might be sheer silence.

Days were not good, and to be direct were worsening in every step. Anne a young girl 13, with parents and other Jewish ought to hide somewhere to save their life. Which means, life is not the thing, people enslaved to work under concentration camps of Hitler and treated like animals, so many screams were ignored like nothing is happening at all.. cruelty at peak.

Anne and is father, mother & her older sister all, with other 4 Jewish hide inside a secret room, which was the upper part of the building where labor used to work from 8AM to 6PM. This was the time to freeze for them, literally freeze. They can’t even talk with each other silently, so it was totally a jam time, they be like statues. Anne use to read books at this time as she’s fond of books.

Now consider today’s scenario, we can’t even live without phone. We can listen songs, music, watch YouTube with headphones …. and so on. But imagine those days nothing, no phone no laptops and all, not a single sort of entertainment.

Anne’s 13th birthday and the gift given to her by her father was not a doll or teddy, it was a diary. See parent’s plays a crucial role in their children life that empty diary seems a boring gift for a child but it turned out to be a preserved history of how much pain people had been through.

Do you know, when fat lady knew about the place where they were hiding, she immediately called the troops and they came and arrested them all. Thanks to that photo of Anne’s father with old Troops, that falls on the floor at the right time from suitcase. Troops look at it for a while and then behave in a little good way with him “only”. Everyone else was arrested; Annie’s diary was kept by his father in his suitcase.

They were now in concentration camp where they have to work like a slave, digging earth, carrying heavy bags of cements… all in very unhygienic place. You can get the idea of that place by this sentence —

“If someone dies other fight to take his /her food and clothes from that dead body. Everyone want their survival at any COST!”

In this level the survival was stricken. Anne died in one of those starving and harsh circumstances, some days after getting the news that her father/ mother (or may be sister ) also died in this slavery.

That brutal Hitler was not alone, there were many stone hearted in them. How can someone be so cruel!!?



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